RF-VEEL Drop List
30-11-2016 | 13:09
Drop List

Young Flem = Injure Golden + Pill Recovery Shop

Guardian Sette = Pvp Point +35
Tom = Gold Point +3000
Peter = Gold Point +3000
Blink = Gold Point +3000
BlackSign = Gold Point +3000

AssasinBuildB = Pil Change Job
Caliana Archer = Elemental Medium
Caliana Hire = Snow Spray Part
Caliana Cruel = Snow Spray Part
Caliana Atren = Snow Spray Part


JewelCube = Mau Blessing

*Beast B
(Pvp Point Drop +250) <lv 66-80
Cruel Blackcrow Weebeast
Cruel Blackcrow Splinter
Cruel Blackcrow Carnival
Jetso's Anabolar
Mind Controlled Demolith by Jetso
Mind Controlled Splinter by Jetso
Mind Controlled BillanCarnival by Jetso
Jetso's Commander Anabolar
Jetso's Low Soldier KingTwizzer
Jetso's Low Soldier Redmane Splinter
Jetso's Administrator Berlord
Jetso's Middle Soldier VolcanicDemolith
Jetso's Middle Soldier Elvencarnival
Jetso's Middle Soldier Warsplinter
Jetso's Middle Soldier Eternal Darkness Swarmp Demonlith
Jetso's Rapid Rocktwizzer
Jetso Junior


*Caravan Space Time <lv 68-80
Certificate Daily Complete all race (item Combine)
Tempest BlackKnight(Hero D)
Tempest Machinary(Hero D)
Tempest Strker(Elite D)
Tempest Grazer(Elite D)
Tempest Armsman(Elite D)
Tempest Infiltrator(Elite D)
Tempest Archer(Elite D)
Tempest Plem
Tempest Patroller(Ace)
Tempest Stingbug
Tempest Cannon(Champion)


*Benteng Novajan
+Armor patron All type 70 - 80
+Elemental Novajan

Regular Vaffer Warrior(Champion)
Regular Teledon Axe Warrior(Champion)
Regular Vaffer Rex(Champion)
Regular Crawler Rex(Champion)
Regular Snatcher Rex(Champion)
Crawler Axe Soldier(Champion)
Teledun Warrior(Champion)
Snatcher Sniper(Champion)
Snatcher Archer(Champion)
NCO Crawler Chief Priest(Elite)
Junior Kukra Attack Captain(Elite)
Junior Crawler Supporter(Elite)
Junior Snatcher Attacker(EliteD)
Novazan Snatcher Strategist(Hero)
Novazan Vafer Informant(Hero)
Novazan Vafer Suppressor(Hero)
Novazan Vafer Shaman(Hero)


*BentengNovajan PitBoss
Novazan Crawler 1st Captain(Boss)
Novazan Vafer 2nd Captain(Boss)
Novazan Snatcher 3rd Captain(Boss)
Blood Axe Fort Commander(Boss)

Red Pig = Christmast Socks
Orange Pig = Christmast Socks 
Yellow Pig = Christmast Socks
Green Pig = Christmast Socks
Blue Pig = Road Potato + Hot Chocolate
Indigo Pig = Road Potato + Hot Chocolate
Purple Pig = Road Potato + Hot Chocolate
Rainbow Pig = Road Potato + Hot Chocolate

Orc Dagon = All weapon and shield lvl 80 Rare D
Orc Dagan = All weapon and shield lvl 80 Rare D
Orc Dagnue = All weapon and shield lvl 80 Rare D

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